WOW! Wholesale Product Offerings

Coax services:

High-Speed Data

·         8Mbps to 300Mbps download speeds

Ethernet over Coax

·         3Mbps - 10Mbps symmetrical


Fiber services:

Dedicated Internet Access

·         5Mbps to 10Gbps

·         Low latency, efficient peering policies

Ethernet – E-Line/E-LAN/E-Tree

·         ENNIs available in major hubs

·         5Mbps to 10Gbps

·         No price uplift for city-to-city connections

·         Cell Backhaul: 3,000 towers

Strategic Dark Fiber

·         Custom Dark Fiber network builds

·         Will build to suit


Cloud Connectivity and Colocation:

Data Center Locations

226 N. 5th St., Columbus, OH 43215

400 N. Tampa St., Tampa, FL 33602

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