Give your customers the perfect soundtrack.

Our digital music service is a pleasurable, commercial-free listening experience for you and your customers. With our diverse channel lineup and the constant additions of new songs, you can go several days without hearing the same thing twice.

With WOW!’s digital music service, you can choose from dozens of channels that are just right for your company’s culture and needs. Connect Now for channel selections.

Digital music is perfect for:

  • Health care and other professional offices to play in waiting rooms.
  • Retail outlets and supermarkets to keep customers happy.
  • Beauty spas and salons to create a soothing environment.
  • Apartments and condos as an additional perk.
  • Universities and office parks to play around campus or in break rooms.
  • Banks and financial institutions to create a professional environment.
  • Hotels to play in the lobby.
  • Day care centers to provide educational songs.
  • Restaurants and bars to create the perfect atmosphere and setting for your establishment.


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