Connect with your callers anywhere in the U.S. 

WOW! Virtual Voice combines a virtual phone number with a web portal to control how, when and where incoming calls are routed - at any time, day-or-night.

Share inbound calls among your team members, forward calls to multiple numbers at the same time, or in sequential order. Sync your home, cell, or other phones (even if they’re not WOW! phones) to ring when your Virtual Voice number rings plus forward calls to any list of numbers. 

Who needs this? 

  • The Road Warrior

WOW! Virtual Voice is perfect for any business that runs without an actual physical office. If you work out of your car or operate two or more businesses from your cell phone you can set up Virtual Voice numbers to ring to your cell number. You control when your cell phone rings, and when the calls go to Voicemail, or to a fellow team member. Get your nights and off-days back by forwarding business calls while leaving your cell phone on for personal calls.

  • New In Town

Virtual Voice helps you set up communications and start establishing relationships in advance of your move while you’re building a brick and mortar location. The Virtual Voice number becomes your local number until you’re are ready to open your local office.

  • Leaving Town

If your business is moving out of the area you can leave a local number so your customers can reach you. We’ll port your main number to WOW! Virtual Voice and those calls will follow you wherever in the U.S. you want them to go.


With WOW! Virtual Voice you can single-handedly conduct business from anywhere in the U.S. while maintaining the appearance of a large enterprise. Read detailed information here.

Connect Now and enjoy the freedom to decide when to take calls and when or where to forward them.


Connect Now


Connect Now

Combine with other WOW! Voice features

  • Voicemail – See and check all your Voicemail messages or choose to send them to the email address of your choice. 

  • Group Long Distance – Keep costs down by choosing a pool of minutes for a flat rate per month. 

  • Fax to Email** – Send faxes to an email address as a PDF.

  • Virtual Office –  With this easy auto attendant you seamlessly inform your customers about your location and office hours. Plus, it routes calls to a cell phone, other team members, or to voicemail by the caller entering a single digit. Virtual Office includes one menu during office hours and another for after-hours and you can add up to 10 Virtual Voice Numbers

*Must have a WOW! portable number. Service not available in Ann Arundel or Newnan.
** Must have Voicemail feature added to enable Fax to Email feature.