WOW! Business Partner Alliance is the only Cable Company to offer a 2x upfront spiff for all orders including COAX, Hosted Voice and Fiber from September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

Call us to learn how to qualify for 3X upfront and earn up to $10,000 for each new order!


HSI Pricing

WOW! - High Speed Internet (Coax)




1 year

2 year

















































Add 1 complete Voice line for $21.99 and get an additional $10 off your COAX pricing and a free Modem!



  • Simple orders paid through sub agent spiff card program.
  • WOW!Business will pay to the Partner Alliance Master Agent member on all complex orders./li>
  • There is a maximum payout of $10,000 per customer for 3 yr term and $5,000 per customer for 2 yr term.
  • A two year term is required for all 2X Payments.
  • A three year term is required for all 3X Payments.
  • A Minimum of (5), serviceable opportunities must be submitted within the same month to quality for the 3X spiff.
  • WOW!Business will pay out the simple order incentive the month following order acceptance.
  • Taxes, Fees, equipment, usage based and installation/build charges do not qualify.
  • Service orders submitted and accepted by WOW!Business between September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 will qualify.
  • Pricing not available in Dothan, Newnan, Anne Arundel or Evansville.

Terms and Conditions: © 2017 WOW! Business Partner Alliance incentive applies to new logo or new location only. Renewals, upgrades, downgrades or moves of existing locations are not eligible for upfront incentive payment. A 2 year term is required for all 2X upfront and a 3 year term is required for all 3X sales in order to qualify. Eligibility period: September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. This offer is subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of the WOW! Business Partner Alliance Program. Payment is made to the Authorized Channel Partner in the commission check issued the month following order acceptance. WOW!Business reserves the right to recover payments on contracts that do not install services within four months of contract date or terminate services within 6 months of installation or cancel for any reason. This offer cannot be combined with any other incentive. Restrictions apply. Special Pricing (ICB) MAY disqualify opportunities for payment. Contact your Channel Manager for further details.

Our Partner channel is growing, and we would love to talk to you. Working with a cable overbuilder like WOW! Business makes you more competitive with your prospects, and more competitive against the incumbents.

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Ken Worcester – Channel Chief 
M: 612-986-3551
O: 303-600-1895