The affordable service customers will appreciate.

Make your clients feel welcome and informed with the latest news, financial, weather and entertainment programming. With dozens of stations available, your customers will thank you for having this easy-to-manage service.

WOW! Business provides digital cable TV without satellites or other equipment that would distract from the appearance of your establishment. Connect Now for details about cable TV for your business and available channels in your area.

Our digital cable TV is perfect for:

  • Hotels for guests to watch in their rooms or when they visit the lobby to check in or out.
  • Health care and other professional offices for overnight stays or while patients wait for their appointment.
  • Auto repair and other shops while customers wait for work to be done.
  • Fitness centers while your customers exercise.
  • Apartments and condos to provide residents with a feature-added benefit.
  • Universities and office parks to place in offices or around the campus.
  • Day care centers to provide educational programming.
  • Bars and restaurants while patrons dine and drink.


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